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Webmaster resource site has released Adult Webmaster Community Blogs.

Adjacent to the forums, each member now has the ability to create, moderate, and utilize their own blog space or redirect their community blog to their own externally hosted blog.

“This is an important learning tool and resource for all webmasters, especially those who utilize message boards to learn, exchange information, network and promote their sites, programs, and sponsors,” says Cyndalie, marketing director and board administrator. “Each member blog is provided with a user- and search engine-friendly URL, the ability to post images, moderate comments, syndicate their own feeds, and will receive free webmaster traffic from the AdultChamber network.”

The community blogs at AdultChamber allow webmasters a free way to try out blogging, learn how RSS feeds and syndication tools function, and gives members their own platform or personally moderated message board to archive favorite posts, board gems such as quotes, photos, videos, articles, and links, and to collect information to create their own resource centers. has allowed header and footer stripping, which removes the forum template from individual blogs and adds the blog name and description at the top for a more personalized space.

“Blogs are also a great way to tie together all of the projects we work on and update our peers on our progress,” says Cyndalie. “They are also a great way to promote sponsors and for sponsor programs themselves to maintain a blog in its name to archive company news and announcements, which they can link to from a concise post on the board—almost like an unlimited extension to a sig file.”

Each blog space is customizable in layout and in content blocks. Occasionally some blogs may be featured on the homepage of, in the newsletter, or in other areas in the Network.