Blazed Studios Plans 'Tiger King' Parody

TAMPA, Fla.—Florida-based Blazed Studios has begun casting for a parody of hit Netflix docuseries Tiger King that it plans to shoot once quarantine rules currently in place due to the COVID-19 crisis are lifted.

The studio has a unique hometown perspective on the series, as the Big Cat Rescue establishment around which Tiger King revolves is located just a couple miles from Blazed Studios' headquarters.

"I had multiple friends tell me it was the number one thing I needed to watch," studio owner Mark Blaze said. "I posted (on FB) that I was going to watch it and within minutes Macy Cartel replied and said she smelled a parody and wanted to be Carole Baskin. Soon afterward Nadia White sent me a photo of her as Joe Exotic and that was it—the project was born."

In addition to Cartel and White, Blaze said the parody will feature Warren Peace as Doc Antel, as well as "a cameo from Carole's missing husband Don."

Blaze continued, "We are all a little stir-crazy and looking for something outlandish to do. I guess you could call it our pandemic parody. While there'll be no live tigers, everyone will be showing you their most primal animalistic sexuality."

The Tiger King parody will be distributed by Pulse Distribution.

Pictured: Nadia White as Joe Exotic