Blake Blossom Discusses Industry Debut, Career Plans

LOS ANGELES—Blake Blossom gave her entry into adult entertainment careful consideration before making her move.

“I didn’t like where I was at in life and decided to make some changes,” Blossom says. “I thought about it for a long time and finally felt like this was the right time to start.

“It was the day after my birthday and I had a revelation that I wanted to do something else and the opportunity sort of popped into my lap. But once I decided this was my path, I tried my best to plan everything out and develop some business strategies that would help me.”

To say that Blossom’s strategic approach is paying off would be an understatement.

In less than nine months the dreamy blonde starlet has performed in more than 100 sex scenes, caught the attention of untold thousands of fans around the world, received her first AVN Awards nominations and was crowned Penthouse Pet of the Month in December.

Her strong start may come as no surprise given that Blossom felt zero butterflies before her first-ever sex scene with Jake Adams for Exploited College Girls—it turns out she’s a natural performer when the cameras roll.

“I wasn’t nervous at all!” recalls Blossom, who is nominated for the 2021 Fan-Voted honors of AVN Hottest Female Newcomer and Most Spectacular Boobs. “I didn’t know what to expect so I felt clueless for the first few minutes.

“I have a hard time not being myself, which causes some hiccups in scripted features. By going with the flow and relaxing, I was able to really showcase my personality and give a proper introduction of Blake Blossom."

Her buzz-worthy arrival has led to more 103,000 followers on Twitter to go with another 58,000 on Instagram. Blossom also has soared to 60th in the world on Pornhub’s Most Popular Porn Star ranking with more than 80 million video views and 120K subscribers.

“This is just the beginning,” Blossom says. “I’m planning on expanding into different realms of our industry. It’s important to recognize your fans but it’s a double-edged sword engaging with the public.”

She met her agent, Ryan from Hussie Models, through a mutual friend and now the demand for her services continues to grow along with her industry profile.


Among Blossom’s body of work have been multiple performances for SeeHimFuck—“and I like all my scenes for them.”

“My BangBus video was pretty memorable since we had a police officer pull up during the introductory dialogue,” Blake adds. “But I’ve done so many I can’t remember them all anymore.”

So far, so good.

Blossom also has credits for FTVGirls, Vixen, Reality Kings, Mofos, PervCity, SlutInspection and Nubiles, among others.

“I think our industry is a tightly knit group of people who are extremely professional and aim to provide fun videos for our fans,” she says. “I practice and try to perfect a lot of techniques I like to do in my scenes so sometimes I feel like a robot. But each one is different, so it varies on content.”

Blake calls herself “a textbook workaholic.” Even when she’s not shooting for someone else or producing her own content for her platforms, she is preparing for a shoot.

“I spend most of my time planning and doing all the behind-the-scenes work to ensure my content is high quality,” she says, adding that when she wants to unwind, “I also watch a lot of movies and love working out.”

And the good news for the fans is Blake wasn’t kidding about just getting warmed up. She says her blossoming career has “already taken over my life, so I would think it would be a hard transition to go back to normal civilian life.”

“Once you put yourself out there in that aspect it’s difficult for others to see you in any other way,” Blake says. “So in my opinion, it’s better to embrace the suck and push to a successful career in pornography.”


Wise beyond her years, Blossom did her research before jumping into the deep end.

“I knew all about porn before I joined! I’m an avid watcher. Recently, I watch for ideas and techniques on how to improve,” Blossom explains. “I think because I grew up in a heavily conservative area, I was always watching YouTube videos about pornography and other frowned-upon topics. I never experimented and kept a pretty vanilla sex life until I started porn.”

Now that she’s a full-fledged porn star, she says her favorite part of performing is simple.

“I get to act out fantasies and pretend to be someone else for however long is takes to create the scene. It’s like playing dress up everyday!” Blake says.




Photography by @KogaFoto on the set for PervCity