Black Market Announces 5-Minute Nut-Off

LOS ANGELES - Black Market Entertainment head James Melendy got all up in our grill this morning with news of a behind-the-scenes wager between performers Tia Sweets and Jon Jon.

"Tia made a bet with Jon Jon that she can make him nut in five minutes," Melendy told AVN. "If she loses the bet, she has to do a scene with Shorty Mac. And if Jon Jon loses, he has to do a BBW scene."

The big moment goes down Monday night as part of an as-yet untitled Black Market release directed by Phashon of Inner City Squad infamy.

"Tia's never done a scene with Shorty, because he's too big," Melendy explained. "And Jon Jon isn't into BBWs, so either way, the outcome is going to be interesting."

When AVN's Nelson X heard the news, he commented, "Whaaaat? Yo, Black Market is where it's at, son. I say make dat chicken head do a scene with Shorty anywayz, playa. Ya feel me?"

Black Market's booth at Erotica LA was bangin' this year, as fans swarmed the aisles snapping photos and giving shout-outs to Shorty and his girls. Mac and performer Pinky both celebrated birthdays on Sunday with what one fan described as "serious cake".

"Shorty's great," Melendy said. "He's only 5 feet tall, but he's got a cannon down there."

Mac will next be seen in Black Market's highly-anticipated Shorty's Fuckin' Yo' Mama, in which the star takes on Nina Hartley and other choice, hand-picked MILFs.

Look for an exclusive AVN interview with Shorty Mac in the coming weeks.

Pictured: Shorty Mac and Friends at Erotica LA.