Black Ice is Back In Black

Los Angeles, CAThis spring, Black Ice has renewed its production slate, returning to its previous, busy schedule of delivering fan favorites from genres like amateurs, big butts, big stars and much more.

“Black Ice has always been about giving fans what they want,” says Marcus West, marketing director at Black Ice. “We’re going even edgier and grittier with our new slate and will be executing some fun marketing initiatives too, supporting the brand revival and giving customers retail incentive.”

Upcoming events involving Black Ice include giveaways at the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fight at the Hollywood Park Casino on Saturday, May 19, 2012. One of the promotional products will be a new line of softcore playing cards featuring Black Ice film stars in 52 provocative positions. In addition, each admission ticket comes with a coupon for 30 percent` off any purchase at Touch of Romance retailers.

“Retailers are excited to see the brand back in action,” says Lucy Vonne D’Olimpio, sales executive at Black Ice. “They know we take the time to develop the latest in ethnic talent with lots of hot new girls and looks. And because we have a big vault of classics, we’re going to put out an awesome six-pack of films this summer too.”

The Black Ice six-pack will package six classic releases in one convenient box, offering a variety of genres and, of course, plenty of popular stars. As for new releases, Black Ice will come out of the gate with fun titles like Crazy Big Booty 10 and Big Nights Sticks, Little White Chicks 4.

The first new release from Black Ice hit streets on April 17, 2012.