Black Doll Serves Up a Little More Meat on the Bone

Baby Doll Pictures has launched Black Doll, a new, all-black imprint.

"We wanted to do a black line that would appeal more to the black buyers," said Baby Doll spokesperson Carolyn Ward. "We'd been shooting these skinny black girls, and they were cute, but they weren't really appealing to the black audience."

Hence, director Big Man was hired and told to shoot "thicker black girls with big butts," taking care to keep the emphasis on shots where the bootay faces the camera, both in stills and during the action.

"He did a really good job on the first one, Black Monster Ass," Ward went on. "There's a lot of butt bouncing."

Ward said the Black Doll release schedule will probably consist of two titles per month, though the plans for such are still being mapped out. As to what prompted the formation of Black Doll, she asserted, "Just feedback from my black customers that our black product was not shot from a black point of view, and it wasn't appealing to their customers. So I just wanted to shoot some black product that would appeal to the black consumer, and not shot from a white standpoint. White guys like the skinny girls, black guys don't."

Black Monster Ass is scheduled to street Feb. 16. To learn more about Black Doll, contact Ward at 800.255.5923 ext. 104.