Bizarre Video Utilizes New Booth Well

Bizarre Video continues business today at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in a new booth that the company had built to suit their needs for the show. Their booth services Bizarre and GwenMedia, Fallen Angel, High Society and Arrow Productions. rnrn

The booth utilizes brushed aluminum panels that hang from supports rather than stand as part of a traditional wall structure. All the meeting tables and performer areas match the panels. The companies use etched metal and neon signs also and the booth features black, riveted posts which aid in establishing an industrial feel.rnrn

?Bizarre chose to use a new booth designer this year to create this,? Bizarre director/Fallen Angel Head Luc Wylder told ?He's young, he's aggressive and I think the booth design reflects that feel. We now have two separate offices tucked back behind all the tables out here on the exterior for our salesmen and it is good for them because they can have serious meetings with their clients back there.'rnrn

Wylder also expressed the importance of the choice of panels over walls.rnrn

?The booth collapses so small with it being just these panels and storage is so expensive for a company. Just look at Vivid's booth- It's just sheer white curtains and you know how small that booth is when they pack it up?? Wylder said.