Bishop Wraps Smash Pictures' <i>Blind Sex Date 4</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Director Bishop has wrapped the fourth volume in Smash Pictures' reality-porn series Blind Sex Date. The movie is scheduled for March release.

Blind Sex Date 4 features five vignettes with an emphasis on amateur talent. "Family Business" star Bishop hosts the scenes, which emulate the 'Blind Date' format complete with pop-up captions and real L.A. locations including Splash Hot Tubs, Hustler Hollywood, Tempo's restaurant and La Finestra.

"It's really important for me and for the series that it really look like the dating show and hold true to that show," Bishop told AVN. "None of the couples have ever met before; we match them up, they ride in separate cars and the only direction given might be something to the effect of asking them to talk about past relationships, or the kinkiest place they've had sex, or their worst dating nightmare. In this particular show [Vol. 4], all of the guys are amateurs and only two of the girls are porn stars."

According to Bishop and Smash sales VP Stuart Wall, crew from the original 'Blind Date' series joined the porn version when the mainstream TV show went off the air.

"The two shows really look identical, except our dates go all the way" Wall told AVN. "Our first three volumes in the series were so successful that Playboy picked up the cable rights; with all the fan letters and phone calls we've been getting, we had to produce a follow-up."

Bishop recruits talent for the series through flyers and classified ads. The Volume 4 casting call yielded applicants from L.A., San Diego, Las Vegas and the Bay area.


“They respond to an ad, saying they either want to try the adult industry or that they're interested in going out on a blind sex date," the director explained. "We bring them in and explain how the whole thing goes; they understand that it doesn’t have to go to sex. There’s an added incentive if it does go to sex, but they’re not under any obligation. They do what they can, and we’re happy to get what we get. I tried to push the guys to hold positions, years ago, but it doesn’t really work. Most of these guys don't get laid; if they have any play, they'll talk the girl into it. But if all the guy knows is doggie style, I don't try to infiltrate what they do."

Wall emphasized the entertainment value of amateur talent. "The series gives viewers the chance to see real civilians getting down and dirty; the sex is really raunchy, and at the same time, it has great couples appeal."

Smash plans to release Blind Sex Date 4 in March. Also upcoming from Smash are Secretary's Day 2 and Teen Idol 5. For more information and updates, visit