Bill Fisher to Release New Line, Jenna Title Through Juicy

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Director Bill Fisher, a.k.a. Cezar Capone, will be releasing his three-years-in-the-making Behind the Lens With Jenna Jameson, as well as new series My Neighbor's Sex Tapes, through Juicy Entertainment/Exquisite Multimedia, with the first title due this September.

Behind the Lens, Fisher explained to AVN, is a project that originated before he was on contract with Club Jenna, growing out of the acquaintance he'd formed with Jameson and company through his work for E! Entertainment and other mainstream outlets.

"Before I was really good friends with them," Fisher related, "any time they did something special, I told them, 'Look, give me a call, and I'll come down and cover it, and if I can get you some air time, I will; the only thing is, you're going to have to release it to me, 'cause the networks need full releases.' So over the course of three years, Jenna brought us through the whole porn industry, from the Tampa [Show] to Las Vegas to a lot of stuff in L.A., and she even let us film a couple of times, like, Briana Banks and Krystal Steal going at it, and all this stuff.

"So we have a lot of good behind the lens [footage] where she's sort of describing to us what porn is all about," he continued. "She's on the microphone the whole time, enjoying herself, so now we took these tapes, and we're like, 'Well what is it missing?' And we said, 'The only thing we really need is some sex scenes, and we could make a great movie here.' So we got in touch with some of the girls that were in the show that we made, and we put a bunch of sex scenes in there, and it's a fun thing. You could take the raunchiness out of this and put this on E! channel, no problem. I think it's kind of bridging the gap a little bit between softcore and hardcore. It's definitely hardcore, don't get me wrong. But it also has a lot of entertaining mainstream qualities to it, which I think our industry's lacking a little bit."

The premise of My Neighbor's Sex Tapes, meanwhile, follows a group of pranksters who've decided to break into their neighbor's apartment and pilfer his collection of private sex tapes that he's made with his girlfriend and the strippers they bring home.

"It's a really cool premise," Fisher gushed. "I mean, obviously we didn't really steal somebody's sex tapes, but it's shot really real-looking. I don't think you'd even be able to tell that they're not really some stolen sex tapes. And right now with these sex tape things ... I mean, sex tapes are hot! Everybody's coming out with a fuckin' sex tape! I didn't even know who the hell Kim Kardashian was until she had a sex tape!"

The first installment of My Neighbor's Sex Tapes is due out in the middle of Sept., with Behind the Lens With Jenna Jameson to follow during the first week of Oct. For more information, go to or