Big Cash at Lovercash/Platinum Bucks VIP Poker Night

After swinging by Adult Revenue Service's cocktail party at Satine's to slug down some free drinks and grub on some high-class cuisine, I headed to the VIP Poker Night to watch the real players strut their stuff. Presented by the folks at Lover Cash and Platinum Bucks, this event was the talk of the town, as Webmasters, Internet junkies and porn babes alike flocked into the Diplomat Ballroom to vie for the chance to win the $2,500 cash prize.  

With chips worth $100, $200 and $400 and 10 tables packed to the brim, the room was a hotbox of sweaty anticipation and tough-guy talk. The no-smoking policy resulted in a lack of cigar smoke, which might have hampered the gambling atmosphere, though it turned out to be a good thing considering that there were no windows in the room. The bar was open, the drinks were flowin' and the guests were nice and tipsy. 

Lover Cash head honcho Bosshawg was havin' a good night, throwin' down chip after chip as he rode out a wining streak that lasted several hours. "We just wanted to have fun night of poker," the jersey-clad G told "We figured no one else was doing a gambling night so we'd have a good turn-out." And he was right! A half hour before the party even officially began, the room started to fill up. Even porn star Brittany Andrews was there to get a piece of the action, brandishing two bodyguards and a long black dildo between her legs. You go, strap-on girl! 

In addition to the Webmasters, it was clear that some locals had slipped into the mix to try their hand at nabbing the porn bucks too. No worries though, because no matter who walked off with the prize (the game was still going strong at 4am!), everyone left happy and thoroughly played out!