Best Lines Of The 2008 AVN Awards

LAS VEGAS - You never know what you're going to hear at events like this, so it's best to keep your ears open at all times. From anonymous, faux-hawked fans to the biggest names in the business, there were some classics uttered at the 25th Anniversary AVN Awards show. And, fortunately, someone was there to record it for you. Ready? Here we go...

"I can put one hand in my 'vajeen' and one hand in my 'anal'...this is good, no?" --anonymous European starlet

"If I knew you were from AVN, I would have sucked your dick!" --Dave Navarro (but not directed at Mike Albo)

"You can almost taste the disease coming off that whore!" --excited first-time fanboy

"It's the little people who make this business...and by that I mean little Asian men." --AVN Awards Show co-host Greg Fitzsimmons

"The most beautiful woman in the room is not the drunk in the purple bikini or the retard in the hat who captured Curious George in that movie 20 years ago." --Fitzsimmons on Layla and Max Hardcore

"There used to be a lot of mullets...but now they're ponytails on managers and producers." --Fitzsimmons (who, apparently, is oblivious to faux-hawks)

"Only 50% of you will be here next year." --the ever-optimistic Larry Flynt

"Let's see if you can figure out which girl got finger-banged by her uncle when she was younger." --Steven St. Croix

"I'm more nervous talking than I am taking a cock in my ass." --Jenna Haze

"I've never been so coked up in all my life!" --comic Artie Lange

"Thanks to all my boyfriends...that I've lied to." --Penny Flame

"Whaddya think of my new 'do? It's called a faux-hawk. Can you believe such a thing?" -- unidentified porn director

"I wish my forehead didn't look like a satellite dish." --Stormy Daniels

"I really want to be honest for a second." --Jenna Jameson

"I'll never spread my legs in this industry ever again." --Jenna Jameson's one second of honesty