Belladonna to Light Up the 'Loveline'

LOS ANGELES—Adult star Belladonna makes her first guest appearance Thursday night on nationally syndicated call-in advice show Loveline, broadcast from 10pm to midnight PST.

Bella will be appearing on the show to promote eXXXotica Los Angeles, taking place July 9-11 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

"It's the first time I'm going to have my own booth," Bella told AVN. "I'm thinking about bringing the set from my latest movie, but I'm definitely going to have the Bellamobile there. Hopefully lots of girls will show up to my car and hang out with me."

In addition to plugging her eXXXotica appearance, Bella said she may take the opportunity to challenge Loveline host Dr. Drew Pinsky's stance against anal sex. (Pinsky memorably commented to Sasha Grey during her appearance on The Tyra Banks Show that if she continued performing anal in her movies she would be "wearing diapers by the time you're 30.")

"He does probably have a very valid reason for believing that, but I'm almost 30, I've been doing anal sex for 11 years, and that's not how I feel," Bella said. "I think the big misconception is that people think you're doing it all day long, and every time you do it, you're doing it with these massive, large things, and that's just not the case. And like anything you do, you have to prepare yourself for it. You won't just go do a scene like that without preparing your body for it. It's like an athlete—they don't go to the Olympics without training themselves for it. It'll be interesting to have a conversation with someone about it. But it'll be fun."

Whether she finds herself debating Dr. Drew on the merits of anal or not, Bella said she's excited about doing the show. "I like hearing all the stories people call in with. I feel like it's pretty good advice when it comes to scary sex stories."

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