Belladonna Speaks About Directing for Evil Angel

After helming three episodes of her series Bella's Perversions for Sineplex, the tiny, tattooed vixen was approached by one of her heroes to direct.

"John Stagliano watched a couple of my Sineplex movies and told me he really liked what I was doing, that it was very realistic," she tells "It really gave me a sense of confidence hearing that from him. He said, 'If you'd like to do a series with us, we'd love to have you."

Needless to say, she leapt at the opportunity.

Another person she cites as a mentor figure in her directing career is fellow performer, and current boyfriend, Nacho Vidal.

"I told him my ideas for stuff I thought would be good and he said, 'You should direct. You've got it.' So he told Sineplex about me and they put their trust in me. It's turned out great.

"I learned a lot from Nacho about being real and passionate and not necessarily having a set up every single time. It's all about in the moment and what you bring out of each other and you can't set that up for anybody."

So with three directing jobs under her wing, Belladonna and Buttman began conceiving her Evil Angel line.

"After my third movie directing, I feel more confident than ever."

She has already shot several scenes for her new, as-yet-untitled series, expected in July. The series will be mostly all-girl, though she isn't closing the door on guys... or anything for that matter.

"I don't want to put a label on it as far as g/g goes," she explains. " I want every single movie that comes out to be totally different from the last one. Basically, just a horny situation every time with no set-ups at all."

Fans will be thrilled to know that she has no plans of retiring from in front of the camera just because she's stepping behind it.

"It's hard for me to not be in the series because there's so much I want to do. But I don't wanna give them too much of me, so they don't get sick of it."

Eventually, she wants to learn lighting and camerawork so she can shoot her g/g scenes in private without a pesky crew to get in the way. Though having no crew would eliminate spontaneous penis appearances such as the one she shot in April for her first episode of the series.

"I was doing a g/g with Avy Scott but at the end of the scene I told the cameraman to cum on me and she sucked it up like a vacuum. It was really great because it wasn't planned. It was just real. That's what I want, for the girls to have the best times they can when they're with me. I don't have a label for what I want, I just want everybody to have fun."

And it is that fun and spontaneity that keeps fans coming back for more.

"I'm trying for a different kind of g/g vibe," Belladonna admits. "I really want the girls to be able to do what they want to do. I want the camera to be like a guy watching the girls as they do things to get him fucking crazy. We're involving the camera the whole time. No set up at all, that's when you lose your realness.

"My goal is to make everyone feel like they're with us. I want the girls to think they aren't necessarily doing a porno, but just hanging out and doing nasty stuff to each other." You can see more of Belladonna at