Belladonna Revokes Retirement Announcement

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - It just was too hard a thing to give up, apparently. That is, having sex with other pros in front of the camera, something superstar performer Belladonna announced loudly less than one month ago she was swearing off forever.

But according to a new MySpace blog posted by Bella Sunday, she feels she jumped the gun with that declaration, and has decided to return to performing.

In an exclusive interview with AVN, Bella elaborated on the blog, offering, "I can't say anything else about it but, don't fucking open your big mouth too soon. Don't let your emotions get out of your hands.

"You know, sometimes you make mistakes in life," she continued. "I, on the other hand, make mistakes in public. And the whole world is there to judge me. But I'm just gonna have to laugh with them. A month went by, and I was like, 'Dude, there's no way I can not be in that scene sucking that dick,' because sometimes I'm just watching myself do the movement, and I'm like, 'I gotta get in there and do it!'

"Listen, I'm just the girl who cried wolf, OK?" she said. "Let's just hope I learned my lesson this time, and if anything like this ever happens, where I feel really strongly about something, to wait a couple of months before I say it in public. Whatever ... everybody was probably saying, 'Let's see, I guess 10 days.' Someone's all, 'Two days, max. She'll be back.'"

Bella noted additionally in the blog that she'll have a line of toys debuting from Doc Johnson in 2008, and that she's scheduled for signings in New Zealand and at Australia's Sexpo convention in November, as well as at the Barcelona International Erotic Film Festival (FICEB) during the first week of Oct. More information will be made available at her website,, and MySpace page,