Belladonna Presents 'Kristina Rose: Unfiltered'

VAN NUYS, Calif.—The irascible Kristina Rose serves as the centerpiece of AVN Hall of Famer Belladonna's latest directorial effort, Kristina Rose: Unfiltered, a verité-style portrait of the Latina superstar arriving March 28 from Belladonna Entertainment/Evil Angel.

Part documentary, part behind-the-scenes interview and part wall-to-wall hardcore marathon, Unfiltered focuses on Kristina both as a woman and as the insatiably horny fuck slut her fans know and love. The director follows Kristina as she showers, cleans, primps and prepares for an upcoming sex scene. Every aspect of her pre-porn regimen is captured, and in-depth details of her sexual history and desires are discussed. Kristina even shows off her art portfolio and paints a watercolor on camera.

Declaring it "the only porn you ever need to own," Rose herself exclaimed to AVN, "Fuck every bitch in the industry! I mean really, what else can I say? It's true. It's the best movie I've ever made. Seriously, it was the funnest movie to shoot, because it was really about me, it wasn't just, 'Here's Kristina fucking all the people she wants to fuck,' it was me being me. Thank you so much to Aiden [Belladonna's husband and partner] and Bella. It was literally the funnest experience I've ever had shooting."

Added Belladonna, "If you love Kristina Rose and you want to see what's it's like to spend a week with her, then this is the movie for you. It's not at all like a typical porno. I wanted this movie to be something that was all her decisions—who she had sex with, what she did was all up to her, and I think she really enjoyed that. I really like Kristina's personality and her style, and I feel like she stands out, she's very unique, and I like that."
In Unfiltered, Rose has a go with the back-from-retirement Michael Stefano, takes on three raging cocks in a ferocious interracial anal gangbang, and joins Bella for a lesbian lickfest involving heavy foot play between the ladies.
Kristina is infamous for speaking her mind, and with Belladonna's camera looking on, she's outspoken, real and unapologetic. With a whopping running time of nearly six hours, Kristina Rose: Unfiltered is a rare look into a unique starlet’s true life.

See the trailer here.