Being <I>Totally Busted </I> Isn't A Bad Thing for Playboy TV

Playboy TV had decided to take advantage of the adult networks lack of censorship, creating a reality show with hidden cameras capturing real people in adult situations that couldn't be aired on a traditional channel. Playboy’s new Totally Busted show aims to deliver practical jokes, sight gags, and outrageous video clips aimed toward an adult sensibility.

Premeiring Sunday, May 4, at 8PM ET/10PM PT, Totally Busted is hosted by their Dirty Tricks Squad which includes Janelle, Candice, Kaylynn, Damon, and Scott. Steve-O of Jackass fame also joins in the fun, providing personal video footage of his antics taken on national tours.

In every half-hour episode there are several elaborately staged pranks where the subjects ("marks") have no idea they are walking into a sexual hidden camera playground where they will be Totally Busted.

Additionally, each series features a couple "Quick Hits" where the general public gets busted by set-up sight gags that range from public strip tease shows to probingly intimate sexual surveys. The aforementioned Steve-O rounds out every episode with his signature brand of comedy/shock oddities.