Batts Gears Up for Release of <i>Young Hollywood</i>

HOLLYWOOD – Carlos Batts divides his time between the art world and the porn world, but no matter the project, the director/photographer always manages to leave his own distinct handprint on the work. His latest, the soon-to-be-released Young Hollywood from Independent Adult Cinema/Adam & Eve Pictures, is no exception.

Batts described his current effort to AVN: "Young Hollywood was inspired by my book 'Crazy Sexy Hollywood' (Reuss, 2003). It's kind of a live-action, reality documentary. It was my second photography book and it features a collection of rock stars, celebrities, porn stars, musicians and people on their way up."

The movie, according to Batts, is a unique fusing of documentary and narrative styles. The director explained, "With Young Hollywood, I pulled together adult talent, but I cast them as actors and celebrities and video girls and we do a slice-of-life of young people living in Hollywood. So we're looking at models, porn actresses, and they're all trying to find this really cool party. It's a collage of music and sex. The scenes are hardcore, but the overall style of the film is that of a collage that looks at a day in the life of Hollywood."

The Young Hollywood soundtrack is something of which Batts is especially proud. "On the soundtrack I've got Renfield," says the director. "It's a local band that's really great. We've got MUDlucious and a lot of other really good local music. We've got DJs. All of them are really good people who've got radio-ready songs. It's like I have the new Def Jam. I wanted the music to be as strong as the visuals. I feel really happy about how everything came together here."

Of the performing talent, Batts was equally enthused. "They were really cool and easy to work with," he said. "We've got Kimberly Kane, Ashley Blue, Lindsey Meadows, Adrianna Nicole and a guest appearance by April Flores."

Batts noted the movie will be released soon and will have a release party. He told AVN, "The movie comes out March 11 and we'll be having a release party on March 19. We'll have the bands from the film performing live at the party. You'll get to hear the music and see how bad-ass it is."

Young Hollywood is being released by Independent Adult Cinema/Adam & Eve Pictures. For more information, please contact Adam & Eve director of public relations Katy Zvolerin at (919) 644-8100 ext. 3121, or by e-mail at [email protected].