Batman Brings Fresh Flesh to 'A! Entertainment'

Everyone's favorite porno DJ Tony Batman brings three hot porn newcomers to his Prime Time Uncensored show "A! Entertainment" tonight at 7.

Batman found the trio of newcomer babes — Paige Taylor, Cassidy Essance and Cosette Angel — while on location in the California desert covering Stormy Daniels' big-budget Wicked Pictures epic Operation Desert Stormy.

"I really want to thank Black Widow Models, Number 1 Models and Light House Talent for coming through with these extraordinarily lovely ladies," said Batman. "I've been out in the barren wastelands of Porn Valley for eight days now, and it's going to be great to see these young ladies on my show to refresh my jaded world view."

The show's topics will include the Déjà Vu Showgirl of the Year Finals and an update on Batman's antics on the ODS set.

To tune in, go to and click the "Live" tab.