'Bashir' Waltzes With the Hedgehog

HOLLYWOOD — Porn legend Ron Jeremy recently learned that he had a bit of a brush with Oscar this year ... "bit" being very much the key word.

Jeremy, it turns out, was animated briefly into the Israeli film Waltz With Bashir, which received a 2009 Academy Award nomination for Best Foreign Language Film. (The trophy went to Japan's Departures.)

"There's a scene where one of the soldiers is watching a porno, and it's me on the screen, you can tell, they animated me into the movie," Jeremy told AVN. "And they thank me in the end credits. So that's pretty nice to be recognized like that, in an Academy Award-nominated film!"

But Jeremy wasn't the only porn personality with ties to the Foreign Oscar category this year. Departures director Yojiro Takita came up as a porn helmsman in the Japanese market. According to Variety, Takita directed "a popular series of porn comedies about commuter-train molesters" before making his first non-skin flick, Comic Magazine, in 1985.