Banan Entertainment and Ron Jeremy Appearing on DP Tonight

Tonight on DP Tonight, Digital Playground’s weekly talk show Webcast hosted by their contract performers Devon and Jesse Jane, Banan Entertainment will bring some of the cast from their own Web series Barnacle Bill the Sailor, including the star of the series - Ron Jeremy.

Also appearing on the show are Nicole Moore, Brooke Hunter, Tara Wild, Sammie Sparks, Mika Tan, and Steve Banan.

Jane and Devon will chat with their guests about “everything you want to know,” when the live show begins tonight at 7p.m.

Besides watching some of the top names in adult being interviewed, viewers of the show will also get to see “hot naked chicks,” as the show’s format encourages nudity.

Viewers are invited to send in questions for the hosts or for the guests by emailing [email protected] or [email protected].