Bam Goes Gina

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Skateboarder, stuntman, and professional prankster Bam Margera appears with his crew in Gina Lynn's The Fantastic Whores 4. The movie ships Jan. 15 from Gina Lynn Productions.

According to Travis Knight, Lynn's husband and the movie's producer, the former Jackass star thoroughly enjoyed his first appearance in a XXX movie.

"We shot one of the scene at Bam's indoor skate park," Knight told AVN. "They were doing skateboarding tricks all around while this couple were having sex, going over the top of them.

"Another scene we did, Bam and a bunch of the guys were playing paintball. There was a blowjob [on Margera sidekick Brandon Novak] and a boy-girl sex scene during the paint war. People were getting shot, it was pretty cool."

He said there was "a lot of behind the scenes stuff, just kind of craziness, like these guys shooting themselves with paintballs, just the Jackass stuff that they do."

Margera and Lynn hail from the same part of southeast Pennsylvania. Lynn appears in Margera's new movie Minghags and is prominently featured on the cover of the DVD.

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