Badpuppy Had 2005 Contact With Alleged Killer Magnotta

LOS ANGELES—AVN has been asking around to see if anyone has any recollection of working with a self-proclaimed "porn star" and current suspected murderer, Luka Rocco Magnotta (pictured), who is currently at large and wanted by Canadian authorities for the murder and dismemberment of an individual who police believe was a friend of the suspect.

Our search was futile, until a few minutes ago, when Badpuppy Enterprises, founder of the pioneering gay membership site, issued a press release stating that it just realized it had a "very creepy connection" with the 29-year-old suspected killer, who had shot with the company in 2009, using the name Luka.

Luka's Badpuppy member page is still up and can be accessed here. On it, Luka puts his age at 20, which would make him 27 now instead of the claimed 29... unless he lied.

"Fast forward to May of 2012 and Luka is the focus of a Canadian wide man hunt in connection with the killing of a man, dismembering him, mailing a foot to the Conservative Party headquarters and a hand that was sent to the Liberal Party," stated Badpuppy in the release. "Police have reported that they are also giving close examination to a video that was uploaded to the internet last week, which apparently shows a nude male being murdered with an ice pick, then dismembered, to try and determine if the victim is the same man."

According to Lisa Turner, who manages marketing, advertising and affiliate relations for the company, "Badpuppy has had no contact or connection of any kind with the model, since the November 2005 shoot was completed.  This is the second murder connection in a matter of months, whereas past models have been directly convicted or connected to the murder of another.  We'll be watching to see how this all unfolds."

The "second murder" reference was to Jason Andrews, who had been sentenced to life in prison for bludgeoning to death Florida tattoo parlor owner Dennis Abrahamsen in 2010 in a murder/robbery pact with his girlfriend Amanda Logue, who also performed as Sunny Dae. Logue recently pled guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 40 years in prison. Andrews had performed for BadPuppy using the name "Addison."