Bad Seed Ships <i/>Bubble Gum Cuties</i>

Director Will Rider is truly one of the adult industry’s masters of hype. The man behind the popular Britney Rears series is promoting his new movie Bubble Gum Cuties in typically outrageous fashion.

According to an All Media Play press release, "all hell broke loose" last Friday when Rider strolled into Adam & Eve headquareters with two naked porn starlets. The nude, smiling girls handed out packs of pink bubble gum to surprised company execs.

"I knew Will Rider would deliver something special," said Bad Seed sales and marketing head Peter Reynolds.

Bubble Gum Cuties is the first in a planned series of Rider productions for Bad Seed and its parent company, Adam & Eve. The company tapped Rider to direct the colorful young-girl line in hopes of starting a Britney Rears-like franchise.

Arriving in stores March 6, Bubble Gum Cuties stars Paulina James, Veronique Vega, Rebecca Linares, Lana Croft and former Starbuck’s employee Micah Moore. 

"These girls are so young we had to double-check their IDs just to make sure they were legal because they’re all so damn cute," Rider enthused.

For sales inquiries contact Peter Reynolds, VP of Sales and Marketing, Adam & Eve Pictures, 888.416.6130, [email protected] or Ryan Thomas, [email protected]