Back End Productions Makes Mary Carey <i>Woman of the Year</i>

Two-time gubernatorial candidate and many-time sperm recipient Mary Carey has teamed up with K-Beech's Back End Productions for the latest pornographic lampoon of her ongoing life as a high-profile walking tent show.

Titled Woman of the Year, the comedy was written and directed by previous Carey collaborator Cash Markman, and is modeled after the recent Robin Williams film Man of the Year.

"It's such a good movie!" Carey gushed to "I'm actually the governor in it, and Lee Stone is playing Arnold [Schwarzenegger] in it, and he loses, and I'm the governor, and Nick Manning is my lieutenant governor."

Markman chimed in on the details of the story, expounding, "We made up this little fantasy about what if she actually won the election this last time? Mike Horner plays [Schwarzenegger's] evil henchman, Bushley, and these guys are scamming to get rid of Mary. They bring in the press and catch her in a compromising position — having sex, obviously — and it appears in all the papers. Only it backfires, and everybody loves it. That's why they elected her, because they knew she would do entertaining, wacky things. It's very, very funny."

"Lee did a great job acting," Carey added. "He sounded like Arnold. He had the toughest dialogue of everyone, because he had to keep the accent for the whole entire movie. Even in the sex scenes, he kept his Arnold accent. It was pretty funny."

"I've never seen Lee Stone better," agreed Markman, "and I've put him in about 50 things. And Mary was at her peak. We've done about six or seven movies together, and this is the best I've ever seen her."

Carey will be appearing on The Howard Stern Show next Wednesday, January 31 — her ninth visit to the show — to promote the movie and discuss her legal battle with singer Mariah Carey, among other matters. Woman of the Year is scheduled by Back End Productions to be released April 27.