B. Skow Hits 1-Year Anniversary With Girlfriends Films

VALENCIA, Calif.—AVN Award-winning director B. Skow celebrates a milestone this fall as he reaches the one-year anniversary of his distribution and directing deals with Girlfriends Films.

Skow's first title for Girlfriends, Voilà, was released last October, marking the studio's first-ever foray into boy/girl fare. The movie was met with great critical acclaim, receiving an AVN Editor's Choice review, and went on to rack up a slew of AVN Award nominations.
“Whether it’s a scripted film or vignette feature, B. Skow always approaches the project the same way: with integrity and enthusiasm,” Girlfriends owner Dan O’Connell said. “He works relentlessly in the pursuit of artistic expression, spending hours perfecting something most others would overlook. And, while he enjoys creating controversial stories about outcast characters, he always does so realistically and with respect for his viewers.”
Producing boy/girl features under the Skow for Girlfriends Films label, Skow has released five additional scripted features following Voilà, each darker in tone than the last: Paint, Truth Be Told, Homecoming, What Do You Want Me to Say? and Daddy’s Girls, a throwback to ‘70s porno chic films.
Declared by Skow himself to be the best movie of his career, Daddy’s Girls stars A-list performers Maddy O’Reilly and Riley Reid. O’Reilly plays Samantha, a blind 18-year-old girl on suicide watch after she’s dumped by Dale, her father’s best friend and the man who forcibly took her virginity. Reid plays Dale’s daughter, Quincy, a sex-cam performer infatuated with her dad and determined to steal him away from her mother.
“I like that he avoids the too-cute, quickly-produced, goofy stuff you find in the dollar bins,” O’Connell continued. “Skow’s work is laced with dry humor that is very entertaining, but never detracts from the movie’s eroticism. His boy/girl movies are beyond anything else being done. He really is the leading revolutionary among today’s adult filmmakers.”
In addition to his boundary-pushing features for Girlfriends, Skow has shot and written 24 titles from the studio's regular lesbian series and four new ones of his own creation: Bad Lesbians, Lesbian Love Stories, Secret Lesbian Diaries and Sisters.
Skow will continue to push adult’s creative boundaries with the upcoming releases Southern Hospitality and Conjoined. Backwoods bootlegging and polygamy take center stage in Southern Hospitality, while Conjoined tells a twisted tale of twin sisters joined at the hip. The latter has already captured the attention of mainstream media, including HuffingtonPost.com and FilmDrunk.com.
According to Girlfriends vice president Moose, Skow has tapped into an underserved marketplace. “There are, it turns out, a large and growing number of consumers looking for adult entertainment that stimulates both mentally and sexually,” Moose said. “They want more than a parody of a familiar movie or show; they want a story that is thought-provoking and titillating, an adult movie for adults. The proof is in the sales, and they’re through the roof; far greater than we could have anticipated.”