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AVN Associate Editor and part-time rock star Frank Majors gives readers a monthly guide to all that is cool and hip in the world of sex, rock and rap. With rockers and rappers alike appearing in and/or producing pornos and mainstream media slowly but surely embracing the genre, it seems high time that we make the connection between those that rock and those that fuck and everything that lies in between.

This edition of Frankly Speaking finds our AVN.com scribe going head to head with none other than notorious rock ‘n’ roll hedonist "Diamond" David Lee Roth. Dave and Frank go way back, having first spoken for a POPsmear magazine cover story back in 1998. With a new album out on Magna Carta, the appropriately titled Diamond Dave, and a summer tour kicking off as you read this, it seemed high time to get these two together for another chat. This time, however, the former Van Halen frontman gives his fans some insight into his love and admiration of the art of porn. So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, the one and only "Diamond" David Lee Roth!

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Photos by: Neil Zlowzower
So Dave, you’re an expert in the school of sex. Why do porn and rock ‘n’ roll fit so well together?

There is a rock ‘n’ roll spirit in porn, a kind of belligerent, fun enthusiasm there. It’s a bit of a Texas get-right-after-it attitude, that go-get-behind-the-mule attitude...that’s an expression in Texas, but in North Carolina it’s a felony! Not to mention, it certainly makes the road a lot easier. We didn’t used to have cable on the bus!

You have used porn stars like Felicia and Rebecca Wild in your photo shoots in the past. What is it about porn that goes so well with your attitude?
It’s like me posing for a picture with Wonder Woman or Lois Lane. Everybody knows who they are. These girls are heroes. They represent what every fella wished he had access to and what every woman wishes she was capable of. Do we really love what Elton John wears? Not necessarily, but we always love the confidence to wear it. Whether or not you wish you actually did what somebody’s doing in adult video, you definitely wish you had the confidence to do it and that’s probably what people get off on the most. Most guys never have access to beautiful girls like that, much less girls who are capable of talking like that. That’s prime commodity.

As far as my attitude, what I sell are big wraparound smiles. I’ve brought smiles to the hips of people around the world and after two or three songs live or on record, you feel like fuckin’. Probably not me, but you feel like fuckin’ somebody! A lot of people depend on the music for that.

Do you handpick the girls for these shoots?
Just like in music, there are really good actresses and really lousy ones. And I won’t take pictures with lousy musicians.

Do you remember the first porn you ever saw?
It was in the early ‘70s, stuff like Deep Throat. I knew of all of those characters because they were also part of the rock ‘n’ roll club scene. As Van Halen was working our way up through the cantinas and beer bars, the porn producer was also the guy who hired the band for a party, his buddy was a record producer who introduced you to the record company, and you used the porn producer’s recommendation as the accountant. It may well still be to this day.

The porn industry has grown to become in and of itself, whereas in the ‘70s it was way more intertwined. Also, you have the whole sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll thing and the drugs part was really intertwined. You had Freddy Nash and the Starwood Club, which was also part and parcel of owning all the porn theaters. Remember, back then you had to go to a movie theater, the Pussycat Theater or what have you, and...uh...it was great!

Who are your favorite porn stars now?
Janine Lindemulder is to adult video what Led Zeppelin is to popular music. All roads lead back to Janine. Jenna Haze. She’s the girl next door. That’s part of the fantasy. You could go anywhere with Jenna. My fantasies are way more intelligent...no, that’s a bad word... are way more complicated than that. In order to really get off in that fantasy playing, I have to create a really unique, exciting back-story. You can do that with Jenna. She ’s literally someone you might see standing in line at the bank. Little Gauge looks like that, too. She looks like you would run into her at the Club Med in the Bahamas. She looks like someone you’d run into serving buffalo wings at a little Tex Mex place somewhere in Houston. And Felicia is a kick in the pants. She’s a firecracker, man. And it comes through in the pictures and stuff. She also represents a whole neighborhood. She looks like she’s from four different countries.

So you like to think about having more than just sex with these girls?
I’m a fantastical imaginator, ok? For me to look at a picture of a gal like that on TV, my fantasies go well beyond just sleeping with somebody. When I see one of these girls, I’m always looking for the one with the best sense of humor. Which one would actually have the most fun at the beach? Which one would be the most fun at the BBQ? I can’t just look at a chick without having to create a back-story. I'm an optimist. When I go fishing I bring a Nikon and a frying pan. Part of the fantasy is that I could actually meet that girl. Which one will I meet? Whether or not that actually happens is beside the point.

Funny you mentioned Jenna Haze. She seems to represent a new trend in porn, going back to the natural, girl-next-door beauty, instead of the Pamela Anderson stripper look.
Maybe people are getting a bit more sophisticated in their fantasies. When you’re taking on a really festooned character, a whole lot of tinsel and not much tree, there’s nothing to wake up with in your fantasy. In my fantasies I wake up and go swimming with these girls. We actually go somewhere and have a real good time before retiring for the evening. Of course, I live in my own little world 100 percent of the time. I’m a rock star. I’m paid to do that.

All the rappers are doing porn nowadays. They don’t actually have sex in them, but they host these wild parties where everyone is fuckin’.
OK, just as an idea, it sounds like a great opportunity to do something super cool. For example, VH1 asked me to pick some of my favorite videos. So how do you combine a Busta Rhymes, who is funny, with a Sade, who is sexy? Dig?

So how do you make a porn that’s particular to you? I like Snoop’s work if it’s Long Beach low riders. From someone like Snoop, I want a Long Beach that kind of vibe. Superb, man. I speak fluent jive. I can gang-sign the whole Mickey Mouse song. I own a ’51 drop Merc, you know that.

Would you ever do one?
If I was gonna host something like that, you would depend on it to have a lot of production value in terms of what the girls are wearing and what the characters are supposed to be. You know who’s cool with costumes but can keep it really blisteringly sexy is Devinn Lane. There wouldn’t be a lot of plot development. It’d be more like a modern comic strip.

So all of a sudden, we’d have art direction and costuming and whatnot. There’s a place for everything. But my personal taste says, Hey, cut to the crash. A low rider car crash is different than an off-road car crash and a Ferrari car crash is different from a Harley crash.

So what might we see in a Diamond Dave porn?
Well, let’s lay it out right now. First we go to Mrs. Nelson’s homeroom. How about the lifeguard gal at the beach? That’s always a good one. Just combining the gals and directing, that’s a piece of cake. As far as the sex scenes, I would get a pro to do that, I don’t know how to direct a sex scenes - with a camera, that is!

I had a girlfriend a while back and I’d say, "Honey, let’s put on some porno." Sometimes I’d fast forward and she’d say, "Damnit, you gave the ending away!" She really meant it, too. I thought that was kind of cute. We all know the ending. It’s the during that you can make particular. And I don’t mean telling stories. I’m not big on story lines. If I want drama, I’ll argue with one of these girls. I’ll be late to pick somebody up.

I would also make a music video with the gals and get it to MTV and VH1. Then, even if it gets banned, it’ll be the most well-known banned video. I wouldn’t even have nudity in it!

The hard part would be, like they say at the bakery, not eating where I work. That would be a distraction. What, I’m gonna go sit next to Taylor Hayes and discuss this without completely being distracted. Be serious!

Now that porn is becoming more mainstream, what do you think is the next step?
At some point it’s not even going to be separate channels. It won’t be even cable TV, it will be part of regular seven-channel programming. At that juncture you will have to answer the question, is this every bit as acceptable as MTV or is it sterile outré. I think it’s every bit as acceptable...and way more popular than MTV. There ain’t a whole lot of cowboy hats watching MTV, but I guarantee you they all know who Jenna Jameson is.

Do these girls help break down the barriers as far as porn in the mainstream goes?
We’ve seen the ice broken superbly with the character of Samantha in Sex in the City. These girls represent that lurking Samantha in every working gal that wishes she was able to let her hair down and do what she does. Samantha is literally one of these girls minus the camera. What Samantha tries for in every single episode, what Samantha prays for, is literally what these girls are creating.

So when can we expect Diamond Dave’s Backyard Bar-B-Cue Sex Olympics?
How do I get started? Geez, listen to me, I sound like Vince Neil. Now we’re about to get to the part that got me kicked out of group therapy!

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