<b>Frankly Speaking</b> - 08.21.03

AVN Online Associate Editor and part-time rock star Frank Majors gives readers a monthly guide to all that is cool and hip in the world of sex, rock and rap. With rockers and rappers alike appearing in and/or producing pornos and mainstream media slowly but surely embracing the genre, it seems high time that we make the connection between those that rock and those that fuck and everything that lies in between.

This edition of Frankly Speaking finds our AVN.com scribe going toe-to-toe with the amazing, busty Candye Kane.

Ms. Kane has lead a colorful life... to say the least. A former stripper, nudie model and '80s porn star, bisexual Jew Candye Kane currently spends her time as a blues singer, swing Queen, actress, sex-positive feminist sex advice columnist, fat activist and mom. Oh, and she plays piano with her breasts.

East Los Angeles-native Kane and her band the Swingin' Armadillos have released a slew of down-home, jumpin' 'n' jivin' albums -- 1994's Home Cookin', 1995's Knockout, 1997's Diva la Grande, 1998's Swango, 2000's The Toughest Girl Alive -- over the last decade to critical raves, and have toured the world to ecstatic crowds. Her latest CD is titled Whole Lotta Love and find her as full of sass and sex appeal as ever.

Last year was again a monumental year for Candye. She won the Best Blues Band award, from the San Diego Music Awards for a record seventh time. The Toughest Girl Alive (Rounder/Bullseye) was named one of the Top Ten Best CDs of the Year by the Chicago Tribune. Whole Lotta Love was produced by Grammy Winner Val Garay in Los Angeles and was launched at the SXSW music festival in Austin Texas in March. The CD features a duet with blues legend Charlie Musselwhite, who lays down some mean guitar on the album as well. Other guests include Canned Heat's Larry Taylor and Little Feat's Richie Heywood. In addition, her song "You Need a Great Big Woman" was featured on Lifetime's Strong Medicine and she was included in the House of Blues compilation CD 30 Essential Women of the Blues, alongside her heroes, Etta James, Bessie Smith and Big Maybelle. Candye is currently working on her memoirs and has received interest from several publishing companies.

And as if that weren't enough, Candye is a single mother who sells Tupperware to make ends meet and turns her parties into a display for her vintage apron collection. She also happens to be a philanthropist, lending her name and time to projects such as the This House benefit CD for the Nicole Brown foundation Battered Women's Shelters and volunteering for the Los Angeles AIDSWALK, Sex Workers Art Show Tour. and at the Children's Hospitals of California Benefit.

Ladies and gentlemen, the fabulous Candye Kane...

Sex has always seemed to be part of your persona and music? Why? What attracts you to the world of sex?

I was a plus size porn star with huge natural knockers -- 44 GG -- when there wasn't very much silicone yet. I was on or in over 500 magazines and videos. I am bisexual. I have eight planets in Scorpio. I have always been a sexual person. To deny the sexual part of me would be to deny ME. There is also a long history of big, bisexual, flamboyant women in the blues. Memphis Minnie wrote and recorded songs like "Street Walkin' Blues" and "Hustlin' Blues." She was rumored to have been a street-walker herself early in her life. Bessie Smith was a known bisexual who sang in bathhouses and was rumored to turn tricks upstairs, in between songs. The blues has a rich history of sexual power and I found a place where I can fit right in and be myself.

Do you enjoy porn? What kind of porn is your favorite?

Yes. I especially enjoy vintage porn. I liked that the stories were so quaint and comical, the soundtracks so schmaltzy. I love gay porn and I read a lot of erotica, especially the Anne Rice sleeping beauty books where she writes as A. Roquelaire. I love all the sex slave and bondage imagery in those books. Great masturbation material.

What are your favorite porn movies?

I like Boobsville Cabaret because I am in that one, playing piano with my breasts. Good vibrations just came out with a porn movie called Please Don't Stop that featured women of color, size and lesbian action. Also Bendover Boyfriend is a great video about women strapping it on for their boyfriends...GREAT!!

Got any favorite porn performers?

My absolute favorite porn star of all time is John Leslie. I would love to meet him. He looks Jewish which is a real turn on for me. I love Jewish men. Is he still around? can you introduce me?? I like all the old timers. Chesty Morgan, Jamie Gillis, Sharon Mitchell, John Holmes, Annie Sprinkle, Candy Samples, Cara Lott, Hyapatia Lee. I also love Nina Hartley, even though she's not that old.

What's the craziest thing you've done sexually?

I had sex with two guys in a video on a grand piano. That was really wild. I had sex with Tom Byron and a lactating girl named Anastasia in a video. That was awesome. Breast Milk is soooo sweet. I did things in videos I would not have the nerve to do in real life. And I always had a REAL orgasm!! I have never seen any of my videos because I thought I would feel inhibited if I were to see myself..." Ewww, is that how my belly really looks? Why does my mouth look so weird?" I didn't want to be inhibited in my own sex life so I have never watched them. I had an ex girlfriend who used to fuck me with her strap on. That was a lot of fun.

Is there anything sexual you have always wanted to do and haven't?

I haven't lived out my "slave girl in the stockade" fantasy. Or my harem girl fantasy where I get it on with all the other harem girls. I have never been to a swing party... maybe one of these days.

Why do porn and rock 'n' roll fit so well together?

Do they? I guess cuz rock stars like to grab their crotches a lot and guitars are strap ons and definitely sexy. There is something sexual and intimate when you connect with an audience and with your band mates.. Its an unspoken connection that reeks of sexuality.

Do you remember the first porn you ever saw?

Deep Throat and the Devil in Miss Jones as a double feature. I couldn't believe my eyes! We didn't watch much because after a few minutes, I was so horny I had to go home and do my boyfriend.

Now that porn is becoming more mainstream, what do you think is the next step?

It still makes me crazy that we can see people getting their heads blown off on prime time, but they blur out a woman's breasts and blur out someone flipping off someone else. Both are pretty every day occurrences. Why do censors think Americans can't handle it? It is my hope that we will become more civilized like in Europe where you can see free porn on non pay TV channels. I always told my kids I would rather have them watch the playboy channel than Texas Chainsaw Massacre and I still feel that way. Breasts are not dangerous weapons... well, maybe mine are!

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