Axel Braun Directs <i>Fugly Bettys</i> for Spice

LOS ANGELES - Something not commonly seen in Pornland is a title that prides itself on the ugliness of its stars. But that's precisely what Fugly Bettys, a new production just wrapped by director Axel Braun for Spice Studios, aims to do.

"We made them really ugly ... fake braces, retarded clothes and all," Braun told AVN, referring to cast members Michelle Avanti, Gwen Diamond, Lucy Fire, Brooke Scott and Kacy Starr. "They all stay ugly during the sex scenes except for Gwen Diamond, who in a fantasy sequence transforms into a bombshell. And she's the only one that didn't complain about looking like shit."

As creator and executive producer Bob Johnson pointed out, though, "They all got on board with it, and they had a good time.

Set at the offices of a magazine called Lode, Fugly Bettys (based on the TV sitcom "Ugly Betty") centers on a group of less-than-stunning gals yearning to get into the high fashion world. There is, thankfully, a token hot boss thrown into the mix, played by newcomer Bella Lynn.

But to address probably the most glaring issue here, just why, exactly, would a company want to make a porn movie about ugly chicks?

"Well, obviously it's a parody, and the fun of the parody and the popularity of the TV show play into that," Johnson explained. "[But] I think there are a lot of viewers out there of adult material who kind of fantasize about having sex with some of these girls, and the idea that they're not so great looking all the time is a turn-on."

Fugly Bettys also stars Mikey Butders, Jenner, Sascha, Jay Lassiter and Chris Charming. For pre-orders, e-mail