AVNONLINE ON THE RISE 200602 - CorbinFisher

“I’ve always had a fascination with porn,” says Corbin Fisher. “But I found the options in porn unsatisfying in one way or another. Either they featured guys too young, too old, too beefy, or it was poorly shot or the sex was too mechanical.”

After working an odd assortment of jobs, including stints as a police officer and a human resources manager, Fisher (for the record, not his real name) eventually gave in to his calling and started filming guys on the weekends with the intention of creating his own site. In January 2004, CorbinFisher.com was launched—and has since expanded at a rapid rate.

Fisher deals in college men, but unlike some other similarly themed sites, which lean toward solo content, the guys featured in his content aren’t just busting their nuts on their own; They’re doing it with each other.

“I’m mainly interested in attractive ‘regular-guy’ college types in real sex scenarios,” he says. “I started with solo content. Then I gradually moved into shooting action content.” His mission was to fix what he felt was wrong about porn. “My goal is to let the action happen as naturally as possible and do my best to capture it on camera,” he says. “In other words: filming ‘real sex’ versus ‘porn sex.’”

It wasn’t as easy as he thought it would be. “It was a steep learning curve,” he confesses. “I look back at some of my earliest work and cringe. Filming sex and getting the right shots while retaining some semblance of naturalness and spontaneity is not as easy as it sounds.”

That may be true, but the results sure do look good.