AVNONLINE COLUMN 200602 - CYBERSIREN - Kate, KatesPlayground.com

The playground in my neighborhood doesn’t have much going for it, unless cat poop and used hypodermic syringes in the sandbox can be considered as attractions. There’s not much in the way of sexy young women, either—just a homely, toothless bag lady who offers oral sex in exchange for a rock of crack, but she’s not particularly young and she’s definitely not sexy.

That’s why I’ve been hanging out at Kate’s Playground. Sure, there’s no fresh air or sunshine in cyberspace, but sometimes a fella has to compromise. The main attraction is the lovely Kate, of course. There’s an air of mystery about this little stunner, but I figure that’s just because she’s from beautiful British Columbia.

All I know is that sexy Kate’s made me stop lurking in the shadows of my local playground looking for cheap thrills. And for that, I thank her.

Kate, all playgrounds should be like yours.