Consider Joanna Angel a savior of sorts. As the guiding light behind BurningAngel.com, the punky, porn goddess is on a mission to save us all from an unending onslaught of pink-cheeked, blue-eyed California blondes with figures provided by the finest body and undercarriage professionals the West Coast medical establishment has to offer.

Nope. Joanna isn’t playing that, Chief. She’s all natural, “Noo Yawk” through and through, and has attitude to spare. Pornoland is now a better place because of her edgy presence.

With the success of the website, and the appeal of Joanna’s indie-rock ethos, it was only natural that feature movies would follow, and Ms. Angel has done a bang-up job giving her audience what it wants: more Joanna Angel. Check out the effects-drenched Repenetrator and the Burning Angel/VCA star vehicle Joanna’s Angels, which is, naturally, being followed by Joanna’s Angels 2.

You could say that Joanna is on fire. The hard work of breaking new ground is paying off now, and our favorite alt-porn vixen is reaping the benefits. Burning Angel and Joanna garnered 7 nominations – including Best New Starlet and Best Actress – for the 2006 AVN Awards.

Rock on, girl.