AVNInsider at ANME: Day 1

It’s day one of the Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo, it’s one hundred degrees outside and the Sheraton Universal is awash in candy-colored plastic replicas of human genitalia.

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After meeting up with Cindy of XTC Leather of New York for breakfast where we discussed the many virtues of her company’s leather undies, how much we both like Cary of LoveJam and their lubes (available in regular and orange cream-flavored) and how she got to call security on the loud couple in the room next to hers last night (unhappy loud, not amorous loud), I walk over with her outside. The show is in two large rooms in the hotel and for the first time this year, there is a huge outdoor tented area where more vendors are. Her booth is out there. We chat a bit longer and I decide to get to work on the rest of the show.

I see Serenity of Las Vegas Novelties right away......

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