AVN.COM BUSINESS PROFILE - SkinTight Pictures: Blowin' Chunks

The “Brothers” Johnson were, according to their self-invented lore, adopted by a white trash family strictly for their welfare check potential, and, as a result, the pair bonded in their mutual desire to make money. Cram and Grip (no, they’re not really brothers) briefly considered white slavery as a career path, figuring that was illegal, they turned to producing porn instead.

“Also, we met [Platinum X performer/director] Brandon Iron and thought, ‘You know, we’ve got to be able to improve on that,’” Cram told AVN with a grin.

Thus SkinTight Pictures was brought into the world.

In 2002, the pair, exclusive with Legend Video, produced their first release, Chunky Cheerleaders, and since then, have become almost synonymous with plot-oriented fat chick titles, winning 2004’s AVN Award for Best Specialty Release – Other Genre for their Iraqi War epic Chunky on the Fourth of July and 2005’s Best Box Cover Concept award for The Chunky Whisperer, their parody of the Robert Redford film The Horse Whisperer.

The vast majority of “big women” videos don’t go anywhere near high-end production values, let alone plots. But not SkinTight titles.

“Most people really don’t put a lot of effort into specialty movies as a whole,” Grip said. “That’s definitely a big part of the inspiration for why we do what we do.

"I think we raised the bar on it. We bring in a little creativity, throw in some production values, as much as our extra 15 dollars can bring, and the talent seems more willing.”

SkinTight titles are also characterized by the “brothers” remarkable sense of humor, which sometimes borders on the less than tasteful side.

“Everybody in this industry kisses everybody’s ass,” Cram noted. “We’ll sit there and we’ll point out, you know what? She’s a fucking cokehead. Let’s make fun of that. Let’s have some fun.

“We just wrote a script the other day where we poked fun at two popular chicks right now for (allegedly) being drug addicts. So what? It’s funny and we do poke fun at ourselves, too. In our most recent movie, there’s a lot of weird homosexual innuendo between us brothers. It’s all done with a sense of humor. It’s definitely not malicious.”

The two have branched out to create their foot fetish series Toe Jam, their facially-challenged Butt’Er Face lines,their chunk-free military-themed anal series Army of Ass, their maternal M.I.L.F. Money line and their new hard-edged oral series aptly titled Fucked in the Head. Of course, they also continue to bring on the chunk with the Chunky House Call Nurses series along with the stand-alone titles, Chunky Band Camp, Chunky Hallow’s Eve and Chunky Pizza Party.

Late last year, the company introduced a toaster incentive plan with female performers receiving the small appliances as rewards for extra effort during their scenes. “Bianca Pureheart just scored her second toaster from us for her scene in Army of Ass 10,”Grip noted.

Gen Padova, meanwhile, recently helmed Revenge of the Butt’Er Face, chock full of inside porn industry jokes and ugly chick references. It will be the first non-Johnson-directed SkinTight title.

Another volume in that line, coming out later this year, will be a chunky-themed espionage feature. The “siblings” were tight-lipped about the feature but not so about how SkinTight has changed their lives.

“I get free video rentals,” Grip deadpanned. “It’s great.”

“Yeah,” Cram concurred.

Heidi-Pike Johnson is no relation to the Brothers Johnson, though she really digs some of their stuff. — Ed.

Established: 2002

Owners: Cram & Grip Johnson

Employees: Zero — the brothers do it alone

Series: Army of Ass, Butt’Er Face, Chunky Cheerleaders, Chunky House Call Nurses, Chunky School Girls, Fucked in the Head, M.I.L.F. Money, Toe Jam

Orders & Inquiries: Allen Brody through Legend Video

Phone: 1.800.876.2005

Fax: 1.818.734.4140

Email: [email protected]

Website: skintightpictures.com