AVN.COM BUSINESS PROFILE - Oriental Dream Pictures Finds a Big Market for Little Girls

There are an almost unlimited number of fetishes out there, but the classics will never go away, and Asian girls is one of those classics.

Just about all of the Porn Valley companies have released their share of Asian titles, but Gardena-based Oriental Dream Pictures is the only major American company that shoots mostly Japanese girls — real Japanese girls — for the U.S. market.

“Most of it is shot in Japan,” General Manager Bryce told AVN. “We shoot a lot in California and sometimes in New York, it depends on what we need for the movie.”

The five-year-old company does occasionally utilize such Porn Valley talent as Lily Thai (Oriental Chocolate Dreams) and Nyomi Marcella (Asian Erotica File 4), but they typically use girls that live in Japan. As things go in different cultures, shooting porn in Japan has some significant differences than shooting in Los Angeles.

“It’s more difficult,” Bryce said. “In Japan there’s no independent contract work. A lot of it is run pretty much by the Mafia, so they tell you who is available, when they’re available and how much they cost, and they take 50 percent. For instance, in Strawberry Fuck!, the girl Miruku Ichigo, she is a very, very famous adult actress in Japan and her fee is, at minimum, five to 10 thousand dollars per movie, which is shooting four scenes. She cost us significantly more, but half that fee goes to the model agency.”

A major difference between the countries’ XXX is that porn marketed in Japan can’t contain any hardcore. All penetration must be blurred out. That also goes for vaginas, clits and balls. Pubic hair is ok. As a result, in Japanese porn there is much more emphasis on foreplay and building up to the sex than the typical wham-bam U.S. porno.

The Japanese talent that ODP brings to the U.S. is in for a bit of a culture shock, too. For Top Secret, girls were flown in from Japan to work with U.S. talent like Mr. Marcus, Brian Pumper and Billy Banks.

“It was very interesting because you had huge American dicks compared to the average Asian guy,” Bryce said, “and you put them with this little, five-foot, 90-pound Japanese girl, and you’ve got quite a scene. One girl had a little trouble handling Mr. Marcus, but he was really professional, and the girl was a great performer, and the scene came out really nice.”

Oriental Dream Pictures has established itself as an Asian porn powerhouse not only by casting girls rarely scene in the U.S., the company isn’t afraid to take chances. Since most of the audio is in Japanese, they often include subtitles. They shoot raw, public sex. They are heavy on build-up. Occasionally scenes are downright bizarre, especially to a U.S. audience that is increasingly used to fucking, fucking and nothing but fucking.

In early November, Bryce said that ODP is preparing for the 2005 Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas ,and that the company hoped to win a nomination or two at the AVN Awards. When the nominations were announced two weeks later, ODP was on the list — twice: Best Ethnic-Themed Release – Asian and Most Outrageous Sex Scene.