AVN Awards Red Carpet Gets ‘Fashion Photo RuView’ Treatment

LOS ANGELES—The AVN Awards and its red carpet get plenty of mainstream press every year, but now veterans of RuPaul’s Drag Race are offering their two cents on the fashions displayed at the adult industry’s most prestigious awards show.

Violet Chachki and Katya, who both appeared on Season 7 of the hit TV show, guest-hosted the most recent episode the the web series RuPaul’s Drag Race Fashion Photo RuView and awarded "Toots" and "Boots" to adult performers for their red carpet looks.

First up was Vicki Chase, who got “two thumbs up” from the drag stars for dress. "We love the cleavage, we love the high slit,” they gushed. The duo even raved about Chase’s jewelry choices, though they did mistake her V necklace as “V for Vicki” as opposed to the Vixen logo it actually was. Regardless, Chase was awarded a Total Toot.

Stormy Daniels was up next, and didn’t fare quite as well, receiving a Boot for her dress. Chachki had issues with the fabric—she admitted she has issues with pre-sequined fabric.

“I wish she was wearing a Heart of the Ocean necklace,” Katya quipped.

The duo described Mia Isabella’s look as “delightfully tacky,” adding, “She’s selling the fuck out of it,” and noted Kendra Sunderland looked “like she’s going to prom.”

“Can you show that much leg at prom?” they questioned before deciding, yes, indeed, you can.

Gina Valentina’s outfit of rope and marabou feathers was something Chachki and Katya “love to hate it … hate to love it. It's polarizing as fuck.” And Bridgette B.’s yellow dress earned a Toot for its streamlined look.

But the biggest praise went to Jenevieve Hexxx’s corset and see-through bell-bottom pants.

“My initial reaction? YES!” Chachki said. The duo said the pants, which allowed Hexxx’s many leg tattoos to show through, was “totally on brand.”

The episode is available now on World of Wonder’s WOWPresents YouTube page here.