AVN Awards Featured in Saturday Night Live Skit

NEW YORK - Comedian Darrell Hammond got a big laugh when he referenced the AVN Awards on the Oct. 13 broadcast of "Saturday Night Live" as part of a sketch lampooning Al Gore.

Entitled "A Visit With Former Vice President Al Gore," the skit has Gore (Hammond) showing off his trophy collection to the folks at home on the occasion of his Nobel Peace Prize victory. "Earlier this week, I won another award, and I have to make room for it," he explains, taking viewers on a guided tour of his various trophies.

“I don’t talk much about this one – it’s an Adult Video News award," Hammond says, pointing to an actual AVN Award statue. "I should point out I shared it with four other people – it’s for Best Group Sex Scene for the adult version of An Inconvenient Truth.”

AVN's Gary Miller provided the statue to SNL producers. To view the skit, click here.