AVN Announces Revised Eligibility Rules for 2020 Awards

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—As part of an ongoing effort to remain in step with the ever-shifting paradigm of how adult entertainment is delivered and consumed, AVN Media Network recognizes the occasional need to adjust its requirements for content to be deemed eligible for AVN Awards consideration.

Now is one such time.

So as to help producers properly plan their release strategies for any content they hope to submit for the 2020 AVN Awards during September’s pre-nomination period, AVN hereby unveils the complete updated rules of eligibility (for video categories only) that will be required of productions released during the current eligibility cycle (key points/revisions in bold):

Eligibility Term

To be considered in any of the video categories, a production must be made available commercially between October 1, 2018 and September 30, 2019. If a sex scene or featurette is released both as a standalone work online and as part of a full-length production via DVD or VOD prior to or on the September 30 cutoff date, it will by default be considered part of the full-length production for the purposes of awards classification. In turn, any sex scene or featurette submitted as its own standalone work must NOT be released as part of any larger production during the same timeframeAny scene or featurette considered for a 2020 AVN Award will be void from future consideration thenceforth if included as part of any larger production released after September 30, 2019.

Full-Length Production Eligibility

To be considered for a nomination in any category recognizing full, multiple-scene features or anthology-style productions, a work must be released during the eligibility term on a minimum of two platforms. This may consist of any combination of the following:

• DVD (must be stocked with at least 100 retail outlets)
• Membership website (i.e. site or network for a single studio or group of affiliated studios offering monthly paid memberships to access content)
• VOD/streaming site (i.e. site carrying productions from at least 100 active studio labels and offering monthly paid memberships or a la carte purchases to access content)
• Subscription broadcast network

In addition, to be considered eligible as a full-length production, a work must be comprised entirely of content ORIGINALLY released on ANY PLATFORM no earlier than the first date of the prior eligibility term.

Scene/Featurette Eligibility

To be considered for a nomination in any sex scene or featurette category, a work may be released either as a standalone segment on a membership or VOD/streaming site, or as part of a larger production released via any of the platforms listed above, in accordance with the following guidelines:

• If submitted as a standalone segment, release through only one qualifying membership or VOD/streaming site is required, however the scene/featurette must be solely and originally released as its own self-contained work during the current eligibility term.

• If submitted as part of a larger production, the scene/featurette must have been originally released no earlier than the first date of the prior eligibility term, and not previously considered for AVN Awards contention.

• Scenes/featurettes released solely though indie clip sites are not eligible.

Record-Keeping Requirements

Producers must maintain 2257 records for any content submitted for AVN Awards consideration. In addition, any online content submitted must have clearly marked post/release dates within the eligibility term on the qualifying website(s) carrying it.

AVN will announce further details, including categories for the 2020 AVN Awards, when pre-nominations open.