Australian Cam Site Buys Employee’s Fat

What’s a pound of flesh worth? Apparently $40 in Australia.

Amateur camsite has offered to buy 100 pounds of fat from the senior administrator of its newly launched site, Robert Saunders. Saunders has been asked to shed 100 pounds in six months, with his company paying $40 for each pound. The company will donate another $4,000 to the Australian Heart Foundation if Saunders achieves his goal.

“Robert could do with the weight loss, and it brings attention to all people who spend hours a day on the Web to shape up, or you and your children could be looking down the barrel of obesity and shorter lives,” says Ray Youngman, director of Cactus Beach Pty Ltd., the parent company of

“I am pleased that I have the motivation to shake off that 100 pounds and the $4,000 will be worth it. I’m happy to take the boss’s money,” Saunders says.