Aussie Sex Party Releases Sex Scandal Video

AUSTRALIA—In the wake of the sex scandals wreaking havoc with the New South Wales Parliament in recent weeks, the Australian Sex Party has released a video whose intent is to warn "parliamentarians of the dangers of sex scandals and hypocrisy," with a decided focus on the ecclesiastical.

Titled Sex Scandals, the video was produced by Fnuky, an Adelaide-based agency that also created the Jerk Choices ad for the Sex Party during the recent election campaign. Jerk Choices became the most watched political ad of the campaign, the Party said in an announcement.

The release of the videos also comes as the results of the election are announced, with Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her center-left Labor Party holding on to a whisper-thin majority of one seat in the 150-member House of Parliaments, formed as the result of "a tenuous coalition with three independents and one legislator from the Greens Party," according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

In addition to posting the video online and running it on television, Sex Party President Fiona Patten pointedly sent a copy to the three independents—Bob Katter, Rob Oakshott and Tony Windsor—with "a message for them to consider morality and hypocrisy as issues of integrity that were the equal of economic and social issues they were weighing up."

The church’s role in politics and society is perhaps the main focal point of Patten's warning. Its influence, she insists, has been nothing short of devastating to Australian political life, noting that Katter, Oakshott and Windsor need to seriously consider whether they want to see a truly secular Australia in the next few years or a form of "democratic theocracy."

“With the election of the [Democratic Labor Party] to the Senate, a Coalition leader who is a staunch defender of B.A. Santamaria and at least one of Labor’s new powerbrokers from the shoppies union, the three independents need to consider the effect that the church may have on Australian social policy over the next few years,” Patten said, in a prepared announcement. “Julia Gillard has committed over $200 million to funding the chaplaincy programs in schools and before the ink is dry on the deal, we have a school chaplain from [Western Australia] charged with child porn offenses.

“The Rev Fred Nile," she added, "is still unable to explain 200,000 hits on porn sites from his office and an ‘anti-porn’ member of the NSW government has just resigned for watching porn on his computer.”

Regarding the election, the Sex Party celebrated its own showing as the country's newest "Major Minor Party," achieving fourth place in the national Senate vote—ahead of the conservative Family First Party—and receiving more than 4 percent of the vote in the Northern Territory.

"In the six House of Representatives seats that it contested, the ASP came fourth in all but one, beating Family First in every case," reported The Register.

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