Aussie Sex Party Posters Ordered Down at Church Polling Booth

AUSTRALIA—The Sex Party has reported that volunteers at the St Peter’s Catholic Church polling booth on Devonshire Street in Surry Hills have been ordered by the priest in charge of the venue to pull their posters down for most of this past weekend’s NSW election,

No other parties were ordered to take down their signage, and Sex Party volunteers claimed that the priest was so aggressive and rude to them that they were fearful of an altercation developing and agreed to take down the signage.

Sex Party President Fiona Patten (pictured) said the Catholic Church was being paid by the NSW Electoral Commission to hold the election in the Parish Hall, which included hosting signage on the property.

“The actions of the church’s representative in unfairly discriminating against the Sex Party for its political views, represents an offence under the Discrimination Act,” she said. “He has also jeopardized our chances of getting a fair and legitimate vote at this booth which could constitute an offence under the Electoral Act. We will be pursuing this issue with the Electoral Commission on Monday and see what our options are.”

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