Motley's Ryan Kona: Owner Dave Rock Resigns in Wake of Allegation

LOS ANGELES—Motley Models owner Dave Rock has resigned, effective immediately, on the heels of an Instagram reel shared Friday by former adult performer Aurora Fox showing video footage she claimed Rock secretly recorded without her consent while she was staying at his house, Motley agent Ryan Kona confirmed Saturday.

The video of Fox wearing lingerie and appearing to look at herself in a mirror is posted on Fox’s Instagram page at @marleywallace.

In her post Fox claimed that Rock, who founded Motley in 2010, had numerous videos of her stored in a Dropbox.

Neither Fox nor Rock had responded to requests for comment as of post time.

“Yes Dave is out and the agency is going through a rebranding process at this moment effective immediately,” Kona said.

“Right now I’m handling everything with the agency and there will be more announcements being made by other parties involved in this I’m hoping very soon.”

Fox’s Instagram post said: “My first agency in Cali-Dave Rock @MotleyModels #invasionofprivacy I never gave Dave permission to spy on me in my room or record me changing in the bathroom. He later on zooms in on my ?How many girls has he taken advance of? He was completely a monster in how he yelled at me and degraded me. I was brand new to modeling in Cali and SO EXCITED. He told me, 'You have no clue who the f I am!' I was thinking I see right through you, and how horrible of a person you are. He encouraged me to stay at the 'model manner' and told me I could trust him. He never even gave me the code to leave in and out of the house. All the other models got a code. He never was kind. He was very purposefully mean and hurtful, he freaked out on me for walking outside to do yoga and yelled at me for almost 20 min over it.

“I was apply to other modeling jobs late that day saw he had a folder in our shared Dropbox labeled 'worthy', and he admits to saving 66 videos of me. Another folder was labeled 'summer' full of videos of him spying on me changing. What a great agent, huh? @MotleyModels #illegal I made a police report but I did this to show all the girls he is taking advance of. Protect yourself, and stand up to bullies! I trimmed this video since I was taking my lingerie on and off throughout his spy videos. #beware of #DaveRock."

Kona, who has been Motley’s lead agent for the past seven years, further remarked in a prepared statement:

“I must begin by expressing my sincere shock and disappointment upon learning about the allegations made against Dave Rock. The content of these allegations is disturbing and revolting, and I want to ensure you that I was completely blindsided by this information.

“I want to emphasize my utmost support for any alleged victim who may have been involved. It is crucial that they are provided with the necessary support, and their voices are heard and respected throughout this process. As someone who deeply values empathy and justice, I stand firmly in solidarity with the alleged victim.

“Regarding my professional relationship with Dave Rock, I am compelled to state that I cannot, in good conscience, associate myself with him moving forward. The gravity and nature of these allegations are deeply concerning, and they are completely contradictory to the values of integrity and respect that I hold dear.

"I believe it is imperative that a thorough investigation takes place in order to ascertain the truth. It is my hope that this process will be conducted with fairness, transparency, and justice, allowing all parties involved to find closure and healing. The truth must prevail, irrespective of the outcome.

“During this challenging time, please know that I am here to offer my support and encouragement to you. If there is anything you need assistance with or if there is any way I can be of help, please do not hesitate to reach out."

Several current and former Motley Models have reacted to this development.

Leana Lovings, who joined Motley in February, told AVN, “When a company you’ve put full trust in becomes enmeshed in something so deeply heartbreaking, there is rarely an immediate answer on how to react. I hope that time is taken for healing, for the parties directly involved and for all my sisters, fellow performers that share the confusion and sense of loss about what’s happened.”

Hime Marie, who signed with Motley in May 2022, told AVN, “I woke up at 2am to messages from some mutuals. Needless to say, the situation is bad; worse than what I could have imagined.

“My personal interactions with Dave never raised any red flags, albeit I never stayed at the Motley house for more than a few hours at a time, and certainly not overnight or for multiple days,

“I have always had more interactions with Ryan, and it’s been positive and strictly professional. He asks me if I want to work, I say yes or no, and I send him my tests every two weeks.

“That’s been my Motley Models experience, and it’s disappointing that it hasn’t been EVERY Motley Models experience.”

“I really don’t know where or what I’ll be doing from here. Ryan has done a lot for me this year, and that will always be so appreciated. I would like to see how the coming week unfolds rather than act on emotion.”

Meanwhile Jazmin Luv posted on X:  “I quietly left Motley Models a couple weeks ago but after what I have been reading this morning I want to officially let it be known that I am NOT with Motley Models anymore & I am currently self-booking.

“I feel so sick, violated & hurt. I also stayed in that same exact room…… this is traumatizing….. all my love & support goes out to the victims.”

Also on X, Kylie Rocket posted, "Effective immediately I am no longer a Motley Models talent. My heart goes out to literally everyone who stepped foot in that house. This is disgusting and so violating. I always knew there was a dark side to this man I never saw, but for it to be this! I’m disgusted and want no part in being involved with the name Motley Models!! More information on where to book me will be announced soon, but for right now Ryan Kona is still dealing with my bookings.

In addition, Haley Spades posted, "Disappointed and disgusted with the news this weekend. I am not affiliated with Motley Models or Dave Rock. I am not looking for new representation at this time. Ryan is remaining as my booking agent."

Peter Warren contributed to this story.