ATMLA's Schechter Releases Statement Regarding HIV Report

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif.—Mark Schechter, owner of Adult Talent Managers LA (ATMLA), issued the following statement this morning regarding Wednesday's news of ATMLA client Cameron Bay's possible HIV-positive test result:

"In light of the recent notification of a performer having a positive test result for HIV, I sent the following letter via email to all performers represented by ATMLA. I also wanted to make a public statement in the press with the same letter sent out earlier this morning.

"I assume most if not all of you have heard the news that a performer represented by ATMLA has been notified by CET and APHSS as having a recent test result indicating a positive result for HIV.

"Although there is additional testing taking place at this time to either rule out or confirm the previous results, I felt it necessary to reach out to each and every one of you represented by ATMLA as well as all performers throughout the industry.

"The purpose of this statement is to properly inform all of you who are associated with ATMLA of the current situation and the steps currently being taken by ATMLA as well as the entire industry.

"I personally spent the better part of the afternoon yesterday with the performer, consoling and assisting in the necessary steps that are needed at this time. This includes direct communication with the doctor involved and further testing to either rule out or positively confirm the HIV result, as well as obtaining all the necessary information pertaining to any and all of the sexual contacts during a specific period of time in order to properly notify and instruct 1st generation contacts to get tested immediately and to halt any sexual contacts to avoid potential spreading if in fact this is a 100% positive result.

"As we are all trying to absorb this information and take appropriate actions as necessary, I urge each and every performer to refrain from any production until the moratorium is lifted industry wide. We have already taken the necessary steps to cancel any and all shoots that are scheduled through ATMLA. In addition, please note that all of the 1st generation contacts have been notified and taking the necessary steps with the testing that is required to clear any potential further infections.

"In closing, I ask you all to join me in positive thoughts and prayers going out to our performer who has been affected by this ordeal, as well to all performers in the industry who are also affected by this be it directly or indirectly due to the circumstances that prevail at this time.

"For anyone desiring to contact me directly; [email protected] or call (818) 825-1239."