Introduces Marketplace for Sponsored Search Results

Adult search engine has unveiled Topspots, a marketplace for sponsored adult search results.

Topspots features an auction system that lets advertisers buy top positions in AskJolene’s search engine. The auction system is designed to ensure that advertisers never pay too much.

“We feel that you should never have to pay more for something than what it is worth,” says Toine Verheul, chief executive officer of “Since the market is best at deciding what something is worth, we built a marketplace for search results.”

Besides being an addition to the range of advertisement models already available to the adult webmaster, Topspots offers a degree of control over the traffic it generates. Extensive up-to-date statistics and an intuitive interface let webmasters track and tune their campaigns down to the individual query.

“The amount of control is unrivaled,” says Verheul. “Topspots really is the next step in adult advertising.”