Ashlynn Brooke: 'It's Been Very Fulfilling'

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—The face of New Sensations/Digital Sin is a “down-home” girl who likes watching football and cooking comfort food when she’s not being glamorous.

“I’m very modest. I don’t know if I come across modest or not but I’m very modest,” admits the native of Choctaw, Okla. “I don’t really put myself out there physically as much as people would think that I do.”

Now six months into her third year as the company’s exclusive contract performer, Ashlynn Brooke is steadily expanding her repertoire. She recently began directing her first movie and completed her first scripts that will soon be produced. And on the heels of My Plaything: Ashlynn Brooke winning Best Interactive Release at the 2009 AVN Awards, the 24-year-old star in August earned the Best Newcomer Award from Exotic Dancer for her talents as a feature entertainer.

Brooke recently sat down with AVN to discuss the business of pleasure and Brett Favre, among other things. 


AVN: Could you tell me about your directorial debut?


AB: It’s all-girl which I want to start doing more of. Women are beautiful and I haven’t had a chance to do many girl/girls in my short career here. And it’s going to be like a sensual focus on the fetishes between girlfriends. There’s all different kinds like your tattoo and piercing fetishes with the girls who are more edgy. You’ve got your smoking fetishes—there’s so many avenues I can go down—shaving, panty hose, stuff that people usually take to the extreme I’m going to shine a more sensual, girlfriend, passionate light on and that’s kind of my goal.


AVN: When did you realize you wanted to direct?


AB: I’ve been thinking about at least since last summer, trying to put something together. It’s hard to right out of the gate assume that you know what you’re doing as far as directing goes. ... I wanted to wait a while until I did more and knew that I had some people there to help me, the cameramen, the people that would be on set. I waited until the time was right. I’m ready. Now or never. I’m going to do it so I’m fortunate to have a company that allows me to do such things. I’ve already shot a couple of scenes for it and we’re kind of spreading them out a little bit. We’re taking our time with it, kind of getting it right and letting me get my feel for things. I don’t have a name for it yet.


AVN: You said that you recently finished a few scripts. What inspired you to want to write?


AB: I’ve never been a writer. In school I enjoyed English class or whatever but I would not call myself a writer, and one day I just... I had this idea in my head and I went and bought the program for my computer for however much money it was and I just went to town, and it’s just been the most addicting thing. Everything I’ve written so far has been very dark, I don’t know why.  I’m a happy, down-home girl but apparently there’s something inside that’s needs to come out.


AVN: What have you done so far?


AB: I’ve written a couple vampire scripts. I’ve written one that people might be familiar with. I can’t give it away, but I wrote the parody to a very popular vampire show that’s out right now and we’re going to be shooting very soon and I’m going to have a very interesting part in that as well. I’m going to help with some of the casting and some of the directing. It’s not necessarily going to be a co-directing thing but I’m going to have a pretty intricate part which is very exciting for me. It’s a pretty important project for me.


AVN: What was the process like for you?


AB: I surprised myself with how much it flowed out. It took me I think two days to write my first script. I would wake up in the morning and couldn’t get my laptop open fast enough. It was worse than a drug, I couldn’t put it down and I had a horrible headache and ran my computer for too long. I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want to stop. ... It was a great feeling. It was a different sense of accomplishment to write something.


AVN: It’s been almost three years since you got into the’ve been living in LA for two years and been a contract girl for most of that time. When you reflect on everything, what comes to mind?


AB: The ride so far has been such an interesting one. Just with getting into the business, as a young woman we make a choice. In a sense, we make sacrifices. Not that it’s a bad thing—it’s not a bad thing at all. We make a choice, we make sacrifices, however you choose to go about your career is your decision. But for me I’ve been so lucky and had so many great people, and being contracted with this wonderful company for most of my career has just been hasn’t been easy by any means but it’s been very fulfilling.

I don’t think I really came in with any expectations. I had goals of course just like everybody else and I still do, but I’ve just kind of let things happen the way that they happen and it’s just been great.


AVN: What has the experience been like acting in all the parodies your company has produced?


AB: There’s been so many of them now I’ve lost count. We started with The Office. We didn’t know how feedback was going to be on that because we changed Steve Carell’s character to a female role which was mine, and you cannot possibly duplicate this man’s talent. He’s incredible. I did the best that I could and we got excellent feedback. It was so much fun to do. The character has already been created for you so you follow the mold and you can take a show that’s already popular and you turn it into a much sexier, X-rated version of the show. It’s very, very cool trying to get the sets to match and trying to get the characters to match. It’s a very interesting process, but you know, it’s fun. Some have been more popular than others and we’ve still got many more to come. So far, so good.


AVN: What do you think of Brett Favre now playing quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings?


AB: I knew you were going to ask me this! Ok here’s the thing. My thinking on Brett Favre... I love the man. He’s a legend. I will always have the most respect for him and I understand that he doesn’t want to go out like he did with the past two teams, Green Bay and the Jets. I understand because of his history and status. I understand he doesn’t want to go out like that. ...And on another good note I’m very, very happy he’s playing with Adrian Peterson because Adrian’s my boy. It’s all about my Sooners. But the Vikings. ... I don’t hate the Vikings. I should hate them. They’re our rivals. But I think that enough is enough. I think that he made his mark and he’s always going to be one of the greatest ballplayers of all time and I think this should be his last little go-round. But you know what, I’m very excited to see him throw some balls, very, very excited especially to Adrian. We’ll see how it goes, but I’m still a Packers fan through and through. It’s all about Aaron Rodgers. It’s all about my whole team. So that’s my take.

You’re the only person I’ve commented to on the issue. You’re the last person I’m going to comment to on the issue. I have everyone hitting me up on Myspace and on Twitter and they’re like, ‘oh what do you think?’ And I’m like, ‘no comment.’ There I said my peace.


AVN: What have you been doing outside of work for fun?


AB:  I used to spend my summers fishing and riding ATVs but I haven’t really gotten to do any of that this year. I started feature dancing, that’s one of the reasons why. I’ve gone with Tony at the Lee Network. They’ve been really, really great with me so I’ve been dancing for a year now. And just recently at the [Exotic Dancer Awards], I won Best Newcomer. It was totally a surprise to me because I’m so new to it and I’m still learning. But I go out there and we have fun and we work hard together so it was a really good surprise to win that award.

Outside of work though I just spend all my time with my family and friends and just enjoy life really. I’m really a home body. I just stay home and cook and dink around the house. ... I like being at home. Home is a good place to be.


AVN: What is your cooking specialty?


AB: Anything, the most fattening, obese thing possible. Anything fried, casseroles, chicken and dumplings, fried chicken, cabbage rolls, anything comfort food, which out here in California they don’t really enjoy comfort food as much as people in Oklahoma. I kind of cook for one most of the time.  


AVN: Could you tell us about your previous job working at a car dealership near  Oklahoma City?


AB: I did before I got in the business, for three-and-a-half years. Before that even started I was dancing when I first I turned 18. ... I did it for like eight months. It wasn’t exactly my favorite thing to do because I started during football season and it took a lot of my football time away. I also was helping my dad at a car wash and a used car dealer would come in every Thursday after the auction and bring in his cars that he just got at the auction to get washed. So anyway he offers me a job as a receptionist.

I was just going to answer the phones and do a little bit of computer work and keep his books up and organize his paperwork and stuff like that. And I started off doing that and within six months I was selling cars and then six months after that I was the office administrator and then six months after that I was special finance, and I was doing taxes and everything. It went from starting off as just a secretary to running the whole thing 85 to 90 percent myself. He was always at the auctions and it was just me and him at a very small lot. 


AVN: Can you tell us more about the new, improved 


AB: It’s going to be a lot more personal. It’s going to have videos and interactive polls where people can vote on what they want to see, calendar updates, Twitter, Myspace, and the whole design is going to be different. It’s going to be more like myself, down-home, fun, a simple website. I’m very excited about it. ... There’s going to be some pretty fun things coming up... And I consider myself a hard worker. I want to be in the business. I don’t feel like I have to be or like I’m not capable of anything else. I want to be in this industry. It’s a great industry.”