Named Corporate Sponsor of AVN Awards

LAS VEGAS—AVN Media Network on Friday announced that will be the corporate sponsor for the 2011 AVN Awards Show. has become perhaps the most notorious dating site in the world as it is geared toward married individuals looking for an affair. Its unique platform has generated international news coverage and attracted millions of users.

Noel Biderman, the founder and president of the site, said that he sees parallels between the adult industry and his naughty social network. Both have mass consumer appeal.  

“In my business I’ve tried to be a non-judgmental person. When you look at the nature of the business that does it speaks to more about the human landscape. It is what it is. There are many people who are missing intimacy with their partners and looking for something outside of that,” said Biderman, a former sports attorney who was inspired to create the site in 2001 after reading a research report that 30 percent of the people who visit singles dating sites are not single at all. “And this site provides them with something they want.”

The 28th annual AVN Awards Show is set for Jan. 8, 2011 inside the Pearl Concert Theater at the Palms Casino Resort. It will be the second straight year the best in adult entertainment will be celebrated at the Palms, the new official home of the AVN Awards Show.

“I had the pleasure of seeing the show live last year and I think first you see the incredible consumer enthusiasm for it, the incredible throngs of people for the red carpet and for the live show at the Palms. And the energy that comes with that I think translated,” Biderman said. “With the Showtime broadcast, satellite and DirectTV there is no doubt that the consumer reach is there. It felt like this was the time and if I was going to do something like this what better partner than AVN.”

In announcing the alliance Friday during the Awards Show kickoff weekend at the Palms, AVN founder Paul Fishbein said the 2011 ceremony would be going “to the next level.”

“With’s support we’re going to have the largest consumer exposure we’ve ever hard for the 2011 AVN Awards Show,” Fishbein remarked.

He added that over two million homes viewed the 2010 broadcast of the AVN Awards Show on Showtime.