Ashley Blue Wins Partial Judgment From Judge Mathis

Ashley Blue had her day in court and Judge Mathis ruled in her favor – well, partially. She’s just returned from taping a segment for WB’s Judge Mathis, a televised small claims court in the vein of the People’s Court

Blue had filed a small claims petition against her ex-boyfriend - former male performer Trent Tesoro - last month in an attempt to recoup approximately $3,650 that she had lent him. Knowing that he didn’t have the money and that televised small claims shows usually pay the amount awarded to the plaintiff, Blue had actually filed the suit with the intent of taking it to a televised courtroom. She wanted Judge Judy, but landed WB’s Judge Mathis instead.

And while Mathis, who is actually a judge, awarded Blue $1650, for money she loaned Tesoro when the two split up, he ruled that Tesoro was not responsible for the money Blue said she lent him for his mother, his mother is.

No word yet if Blue will take Tesoro’s mother to court or when the episode of Judge Mathis that she is on will air.