Asa Akira Makes Cameo on 'Family Guy'

HOLLYWOOD—Repeat AVN Mainstream Star of the Year nominee Asa Akira scored arguably her highest-profile moment of crossover glory yet with a guest appearance as herself on Sunday night's season premiere of Fox's hallowed animated series Family Guy.

In the self-mocking episode, patriarch Peter Griffin launches a campaign to win the show its first-ever Emmy award. Akira's appearance, shot in 2016, comes at approximately the 16:30 mark, and finds her taking part in a casting couch scenario with Peter that will ring mighty familiar to many a porn viewer. Perhaps of most significance about the guest spot is the fact that at no point is Akira identified as a porn star ... though she is identified by name, with the (hilariously executed) insinuation that anyone watching almost surely knows precisely who she is. 

"When [agent Mark] Spiegler told me the show wanted me, I was sort of in disbelief," Akira told AVN. "I've been a fan of the show since the very first episode that aired, so it was really surreal. Even as I shot it, I was scared they'd decide not to air it, so I didn't want to talk about it too much. It's over a year later, the episode is out, and I'm in it, so now I can finally be excited about it!"

See the full episode here.

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