As GOP Convention Approaches, GQ Interviews Lisa Ann

CYBERSPACE—One of the biggest parody movies of the past four years was Hustler's dig at John McCain's vice presidential nominee by casting veteran star Lisa Ann as the titular (in more ways than one) character in Who's Nailin' Paylin—and now, Lisa will get to re-create the character yet again for patrons at the Tampa strip club Thee Dollhouse while the Republican National Convention is in full swing August 27-30.

"Thee Dollhouse, which is a club that I'll be featured at, reached out to my agency and asked, 'Hey, is Lisa Ann still doing the Palin thing? We'd like to invite her to the Republican convention'," Ann told GQ magazine in an interview published online today. "This was, like, 4 months ago, and since then, I cannot believe how many interviews I've been doing. I think it's kind of funny that Sarah Palin herself is not going. I feel like I'm her rep at this point. Like, 'Hey, don't worry, I'm your double. Just stay at home and relax with your family. I'll take care of this convention thing.'"

The GQ interviewer goes into some depth about Ann's Paylin-related activities, and the actress notes that she'll be appearing on stage in her signature Paylin glasses, turquoise suit and hairstyle, walking out to the tune of "We Made You," the Eminem song in which video version Ann appeared as Paylin. But she notes that she's had to cut back a bit on Paylin props and wardrobe for her act because of recent limitations by airlines on how many bags are allowed; hence, no room for the moosehead that was prominently featured in Who's Nailin' Paylin II, whose plot she briefly discusses with the interviewer.

"We kind of take on her next step of life, which was her doing the reality show and Bristol's baby, Bristol having a relationship," she explained. "It was really just more in-depth on the family."

Ann also discusses her move to New York City and splitting her time between that home and her work in L.A. But even changing coasts hasn't dimmed her recognition factor.

"Just the other day, I was trying to get a cab" she noted, "and I'm standing on the side of the road, and these two guys roll up and they're like, 'Lisa, where do you want to go? We'll take you.' I was like, 'It's very sweet of you two to offer, but no woman in her right mind would get in the car with you two right now.' They're like, 'Oookay.' I get stopped in all the shops, all the restaurants."

According to Ann, her portrayal of the former governor of Alaska even seems to have helped people be less afraid to admit that they recognize a porn star.

"You know, I've watched that transition over the past 20 years, and it's amazing," she said. "Even women approach me now. I was just at a little rooftop lounge the other afternoon, and a woman came up to me. She goes, 'I love your work!' The comfort level of people approaching us has changed. Back in the day, guys would look at you and they'd feel really guilty and they'd look away. So, really, I have to reward them for being open enough sexually to admit that they watch it."

And almost needless to say, she'll be voting for Obama.

Back on this coast, however, Lisa Ann will be starring in a feature that director Jonathan Morgan is shooting next week for Wicked that so far is simply titled "The Lisa Ann Project"—and although Ann will be appearing in every scene of that movie, the working title will give way to a real one that will be chosen in "social media contest" by fans who follow Wicked Pictures' Twitter feed and tweet their ideas for a title with the hashtag #NameWickedsLisaAnnMovie. The contest will begin Friday morning and last for 10 days, ending at midnight on August 20.

But no matter what title is chosen, it'll be well worth the wait. The feature will include everything from a solo to a handjob scene to a squirting scene, to boy/girl action with Manuel Ferrara, to a five-guy gangbang with Lexington Steele, Jack Napier, Prince Yashua, Jon Jon and Tee Reel, and to top it all off, an S/M threeway with Ann dominating submissives Alysha Rylee and Karlo Karrera.

In other words, to quote Jonathan Morgan, the movie will be Lisa Ann’s “ultimate gift” to her fans. From specific makeup and hairstyle choices to the wardrobe, everything will be done with an eye toward fulfilling specific fan requests.

Even better, as shooting gets under way, Ann will be providing action updates and photos from the set to her 300,000 Twitter followers, and has already been giving them tantalizing pre-production updates at

So is anybody ready to rename August as "Lisa Ann Month"?