Artist Draws, Streams Stoya Warm-up Routine via Google Glass

GOOGLELAND—A writer/artist named Molly Crabapple yesterday live-streamed herself drawing "the adult film actress and aerialist Stoya as she move[d] through her warm-up routine," reported CNET. The singular event was notable because Crabapple used Google Glass to do the streaming, albeit hacked Glass.

"The project, called Glass Gaze: An online performance with hacked Glass and Stoya, is multifaceted," said CNET. "It looks at the relationship between the artist's eye and the model, and how what the artist sees is not necessarily what winds up on the page. And aside from test runs, this will be the first time that Crabapple will be using Google Glass."

As mentioned, however, the project took a little hacking to come off. Per CNET, "Journalist Tim Pool, who hacked his own pair of Glass over the summer to assist in reporting from crisis areas, hacked Crabapple's pair of Glass so that it could live stream."

The article also includes an interview with the artist, who said of the project, "People often ask me what I'm seeing when I draw. What sort of thing goes on between what's in front of my eyes and what's on the paper. What interested me about Google Glass was that it's a way to capture looking itself—with everything fucked and fascinating that implies."

When asked how she came to work with the famous adult performer, she replied, "First off, she's an old friend and I love her. Second, because she's just charisma and beauty. Third of all, because I'm a bit obsessed with Degas' dancers, and as both a porn star and a circus performer, she's in some ways a modern embodiment of them.

"I told her to do positions like she would if she was warming up for an aerial performance," she added. "And she's going to be wearing her practice gear, so it's an update on the concept."

For more on "Glass Gaze," go here.

Image: Molly Crabapple, left, and her portrait of porn performer and aerialist Stoya.