Artbody Content Grabs Niche Market

Custom niche specialists Artbody Content signed what they call “a lucrative deal” with Club-Xtreme this week to provide cream pie and busty blonde fetish videos and photos for several new Websites in Europe and America.

Since 1999, Artbody Content, a division of Artbody, Inc./Kong, has been providing custom niche images for Webmasters interested in diaper, fem, dom, latex, stocking, pregnant, goth, smoking, and cream pie content.

"Niche markets are excellent for us," said Artbody Content owner and photographer Tom Kelly. "Based on our talent pool and dramatic style, niches offer a chance to create dynamic sets and use outlandish dialogue.

"My true love is erotic fetish photography, suggestions of sexual scenes, lots of tongues, tied ankles, black-and-white," Kelly told "If I could, I'd be shooting all day and night. Thankfully, I've got models and assistants who are there for me to try new techniques and expand my gallery images. I'm a lucky man in this crazy business."